Are Fat Dissolving Injectables Safe? What are its Side Effects?

Fat dissolving injectable

Achieving that hourglass silhouette is indeed a dream for many women, and many of them have tried their best to keep their bodies in shape with proper exercise and a healthy diet. Men also wanted to get rid of their beer bellies to look much better while wearing suits or even their daily wear. No matter what the sex is, having a fit body is a dream that everyone wants to have now.

However, there are times that we are too busy to work out and take care of our diets because we are too caught up at work. Some people are also impatient, and thus, they want quick results without having to wait for months and years to see the desired results.

They do not have to worry anymore because fat dissolving injectables are here. A fat-dissolving injectable is injected in the desired area where the patient wants to get rid of the fat. Then they have to do multiple sessions to gain more permanent results. It can be administered to several parts of the body, and the best part is that the patients do not have to undergo liposuction to lose unwanted fat.

Still, some people are afraid of trying fat dissolving injectables because they are afraid of the safety of undergoing such treatment. Some are concerned about the costs and how it works. This article will answer all of their questions and fill them in with more information about fat-dissolving injectables and their many benefits.

What is a fat-dissolving injectable?

Fat-dissolving injectables are a safe and effective treatment to reduce fat cells in the desired area. These injections can be used to treat pockets of fat that are known to be small and exercise-resistant — meaning these fat pockets cannot be removed by the traditional way of losing weight, which is proper diet and a lot of exercises.

How does it work?

The fat-dissolving injectable treatment starts when a licensed dermatologist injects a syringe filled with carefully made and treated chemicals on the area where the patient wants to get rid of unwanted fat. It can be used around the chin, abdominal areas, chest, thighs, knees, and ankles.

The ingredients in the fat dissolving injectable are made up of a wide variety of different plant-based compounds. These compounds have been refined in a laboratory, where the factors are strictly monitored to produce desired results when administered to the patients.

Fat-dissolving injectables are also known as injection lipolysis. The fat-dissolving injectable breaks down the fat cells, therefore rendering it impossible to get fat in a particular area. It is a non-surgical method of burning the fat cells, dissolving them into dietary fat, and causing them to become obsolete in the system.

An example of a fat-dissolving injectable that is currently successful in the market is the Kybella treatment. Initially, it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat submental fat, or the fat under the chin, with excellent results. Nowadays, more dermatological clinics and skincare aesthetic centers use Kybella to dissolve the fat in other body areas, such as the knees, ankles, and abdomen.

Are they safe to use?

Fat-dissolving injectables are safe to use. They are approved by the FDA to be administered in treating unwanted fat in several parts of the body.

First of all, this kind of treatment does not require a patient to go under the knife to lose their unwanted fat. That alone is an indicator that it is safe since it is not invasive and it will not harm any internal organs in the process.

After all, surgical treatments used to lose weight, such as liposuction, have a greater risk of infection simply because there are chances for it to be contaminated during and after the operation.

Second, it does not require the patient to call in sick at work for a long time. Fat-dissolving injectables require minimal downtime, unlike traditional weight-loss surgeries. It is also much more affordable than liposuction, but it promises much better results than liposuction.

What are the benefits of a fat-dissolving injectable?

There are a lot of known benefits of undergoing fat dissolving injectables to its recipients. Here are some of the available benefits.

Effective in Dissolving Fat

A single fat-dissolving injectable treatment is effective in reducing or getting rid of unwanted fat. Kybella is known to produce almost immediate results after a single shot. However, it takes multiple sessions to ensure permanent effects to the chin area. 

Deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body, is one of the known active ingredients in fat dissolving injectables. It is known to dissolve fat in the injected area and transform it into dietary fat, which is much easier to absorb by the body.

Produces More Natural Results

Since this is a mainly non-surgical method, the fat dissolving injectables produce much more natural results, such as a more shapely contour of the face and the chin area, if we talk about Kybella. After healing, it would give the patient’s face a more contoured outline, as though they achieved it through months of dieting and working at the gym.

Painless and Bloodless

This procedure is 100% bloodless and painless, aside from the pricks caused by the needle during the injection process. This does not require the patient to undergo any surgical procedures prone to contamination and further infection. This is also bloodless because no surgeries will be necessary to achieve the result. The swelling and discomfort after the treatment will subside in a few days, and everything will be back to normal again.

What are the side effects of fat-dissolving injectable?

Every cosmetic procedure has side effects, and patients are sure to experience some side effects after a successful fat-dissolving injectable treatment.

Some of the known side effects include slight bruising, reddening, and pain on the injected part. Swelling might also happen a few days after the treatment. These are known as mild side effects, and everything will subside after a week at most. Aside from those, there are no other recorded cases where a patient has experienced significant side effects after the treatment.

Can anyone receive a fat-dissolving injectable?

If we are going to be broad about it, it is safe to say that anyone can receive a fat-dissolving injectable procedure. However, some people are not allowed to undergo this kind of treatment due to several reasons.

Pregnant women or lactating mothers cannot take this treatment while they are still pregnant or breastfeeding. People with diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and other skin issues are also not allowed to receive this treatment. Please feel free to consult a healthcare provider before undergoing any cosmetic treatment for safety reasons.

Our Takeaway

For those looking for a painless and bloodless alternative to losing unwanted fat, then having a fat-dissolving injectable treatment is the way to go. This procedure offers faster results with multiple sessions for lower downtimes and more affordable price tags than more invasive and traditional methods such as liposuction. As approved by the FDA, it is perfectly safe, and no significant side effects happened among those who received this before.
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