Beauty Booster Facial with Redensity 1

Beauty Booster Facial with Redensity
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Beauty Booster Facial with Redensity 1

It is obvious that as we age that our skin loses elasticity, wrinkles form, skin starts to sag, and our general “youthful glow” diminishes. Many people don’t realize that we also lose a key component of our skin’s hydration as we age. Many clients in the medical aesthetics world jump straight into replenishing with fillers or boosting collagen production, which is essential in maintaining a youthful appearance. However, a very important component is your skin’s hydration level.

A revolutionary product has changed the game for skin hydration and anti-aging with Redensity 1 with Beauty Booster technology, and we offer it here at Enhance Medical Aesthetics. This Beauty Booster injection, created by Teoxane Laboratories, provides a boost in hyaluronic acid and firms and “redensifies” the entire complexion and treated area to enhance anti-aging results and provide greater longevity. The highly concentrated Redensity can be used in the face, neck, and neckline to add instant hydration and radiance to rough, dry, and sagging skin. This minimally invasive injectable provides a Beauty Boost with enhanced effects for those who want to start using or have already had experience with dermal fillers.

Redensity is created with anti-aging in mind. It will help enhance and restore your skin’s density and firmness with an increase in hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids to add hydration, revealing a brighter complexion and revitalized skin tone. Redensity is especially effective for those with loose, thin, and sun-damaged skin. With a series of small, minimally invasive injections, you’ll require no downtime to fit this treatment into your busy lifestyle!

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

  • It is recommended that you don’t schedule any other facial procedures for at least two weeks before your Beauty Booster Facial with Redensity.

During Your Treatment

  • Redensity contains an anesthetic agent to make you more comfortable during treatment, with results revealed immediately and improvements are continuously seen over four weeks.

Post Treatment

  • Slight redness and injection site bruising/swelling are common but will typically resolve within 48-72 hours!


The Redensity 1 Beauty Booster drenches the skin with hydration and provides instant radiance using highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients that offer added benefits to the skin to prevent signs of aging.

Redensity is injected into the forehead, cheeks, temples, chin, neck, and neckline using the 9-point multi-needles and vacuum top to reduce pain while adding microneedling benefits. It adds instant hydration to the skin that continues to hydrate the skin and improve texture and elasticity. Redensity also adds a radiant glow to the skin.

The cost for Redensity Beauty Booster Treatment starts at $600 for one session and a package of three sessions at $1500.

Slight redness and injection site bruising/swelling are common, but will typically resolve within 48-72 hours!

Results from Redensity vary, but typically last for up to three months. Longevity depends on the area being treated.

Three sessions every three weeks is the recommended treatment to reach immediate and optimal results.

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