Is platelet-rich plasma the secret to younger-looking skin?

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Are you wondering why artists and celebrities still maintain their youthful skin? Well, forever young is one of the million dreams of many! One secret to younger-looking skin is the platelet-rich plasma (popularly known as vampire lift facial). It is a revolutionary method that is considered non-invasive and very safe for the skin. Its main goal is to redeem the youthful glow and texture of the skin. Are you one of those who are dreaming of this kind of youthful skin? Don’t miss and start reading about the fun facts of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy!


The PRP treatment began in the 1980s and 1990s where it was discovered that it could help in surgical procedures in wound healing, decreasing inflammation, and promoting new cell growth. And it became widespread in the field of orthopedics in treating bone fractures, tissue repair, heart surgery, sports injuries, and many more. But the acceptance and popularity of PRP in the aesthetic industry started in 2013 when Kim Kardashian West first attempted the procedure. She had been the portrait of PRP effectiveness and success. Since that day, PRP has become well-renowned for its efficacy in improving fine lines, folds, acne scars, and damaged skin damage caused by the sun. Platelet-rich plasma is a hassle-free and pain-free procedure. It uses the patient’s blood to catch the concentrated platelet-rich protein, which contains a massive amount of growth hormones vital for tissue repair and encourages collagen induction to make your skin look constricted, livelier, and smoother. PRP is combined with a skin needling procedure which creates micro “injuries” to deeply penetrate the platelet-rich plasma protein underneath your skin to help in the skin rejuvenation process.


Let’s answer this question, is platelet-rich plasma a secret to younger-looking skin? Well, actually, yes! PRP can help to stiffen the skin after it has become lax and sag. As we get older, our skin fails to produce enough collagen, responsible for the firming and tightening of our skin. Platelet-rich plasma works by stimulating collagen development, which is essential for the skin to get tighter, disappearing lines and wrinkles to reveal younger-looking skin. In fact, to support this statement, a systematic review conducted in 2019 revealed that PRP boosters are safe and modestly helpful in aging skin where the patients show promising improvement in their facial skin texture. Moreover, based on a clinical study with 27 respondents who participated in receiving a platelet-rich plasma and normal saline, it was found out that the facial skin underwent PRP promotes smoother and tighter skin rather than patients with standard saline treatment.


First in the line when you are going to take PRP therapy is that an initial assessment will be done first by your skincare enthusiast to check and decide the kind of treatment that fits your skin needs. Then, blood is drawn to your body (arm) and then placed (through a centrifuge machine) to separate the platelets rich cells. After waiting for 10 minutes, your blood is now available to inject into the specific area of your skin to rebuild tissue and develop new cells. The good thing about PRP treatment is that the entire process only lasts for about 30 minutes. You may feel some bruises at the injection site. Still, it is well-tolerable that most people who undertake the procedure can return to their everyday routines right away.


PRP shots can help reestablish youthful pudginess to your face by encouraging collagen production, renewing tissue, and tightening the skin. It can be used to improve acne scars, achieve sexy lips, enrich contours and relax facial wrinkles and creases. PRP injections can also effectively treat and encourage hair regrowth for those people who are experiencing thinning or hair loss. The benefits of PRP injections include: 

  • PRP is non-invasive with no downtime. One of the edges of PRP with other treatments is that you can achieve a younger-looking appearance even without surgery, where it only needs fine needles to be able to penetrate rich cells to your body. Moreover, PRP does not require much maintenance because of its procedure. It is a pain-free treatment with nominal and mild symptoms that can be mended quickly without daily interference.
  • PRP is considered nontoxic and effective. Platelet Rich Plasma is considered safe because the primary material in this treatment is the patient’s blood, with a lesser chance of side effects or problems. Unlike other beautifying treatments, where it uses chemical substances that can cause damage to the body, like allergic reactions.
  • PRP can show quick and long-lasting results The procedure can only take between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the area of the skin you want to be treated. And the good news is with Platelet-rich plasma treatment. PRP results can be easily demonstrated in just a couple of days, and you will see that your skin has glowed and become even better.

  The effects of having newer, more youthful-looking skin are usually up to 1 year after the treatment. Thus, if you want to maintain the result, get a vampire facial every 12 months to retain your smoother, livelier, and tightened skin.


Well, the answer is yes if you are not one of those people who are experiencing this kind of medical problems:

  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Any blood cancer
  • Heart-related disease, which makes the blood thinner
  • Skin problems in the area to be treated

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