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Are you interested in softening fine lines, wrinkles, and facial furrows, or preventing these signs of aging altogether? You’ve come to the right place! At Enhance Medical Aesthetics, we offer multiple neuromodulators to temporarily reduce the action of facial muscles that cause those pesky wrinkles and fine lines. We offer Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Nuceiva to smooth the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Our staff has received extensive training to expertly and strategically inject this prescription medication into the muscles of your treatment areas. Neuromodulators have been clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment option as a preventative for signs of aging caused by smiling, frowning, or squinting.

Neuromodulator injections are quick and virtually painless, with appointments taking as little as 15 minutes! They also have multiple off-label applications, such as treating excessive sweating and chronic migraines. Schedule a consultation with Enhance Medical Aesthetics to discuss your concerns and find the right neuromodulator for your needs!

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

  • Schedule your neuromodulator consultation at least two weeks before any special occasion or event that you have planned.

During Your Treatment

  • We will apply a topical numbing cream to make sure you are comfortable during your procedure. Treatment can be done in as little as 15 minutes! 

Post Treatment

  • Redness and mild swelling may occur in the treatment area. This will subside on its own, but we recommend avoiding heavy exercise for 3-5 days following your injections. 


Crow's Feet

These pesky lines on the outside corners of your eyes only need a few units of Botox to smooth out the wrinkles and rejuvenate your eye area.

Forehead Lines

Botox can prevent or treat the horizontal wrinkles and deep furrows in the forehead, helping maintain that youthful skin.

Bunny Lines

From years of scrunching your nose, bunny lines form and can be easily faded with a quick Botox treatment.

Lip Lines

Too much smiling isn't a bad thing, but it can definitely form smile lines around your mouth. With Botox, you can keep smiling in confidence with youthful skin surrounding your lips!

Brow Lift

Do you wake up every day still looking tired? A Botox brow lift can change that by creating a more awake and youthful look and accentuating the eye area.

Neck Cords

Horizontal creases naturally form on our necks as we get older, sometimes called neck cords. Botox can treat these cords and give you a smooth neck.

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating can really put a damper on things! Botox is here to help and is FDA-approved to treat excessive sweating in the underarms, palms, and soles of the feet.

Chronic Migraines

Muscular tension can be a big cause of chronic migraines. Botox can be injected into the face or neck to decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines.


Neuromodulators are used to prevent and treat multiple signs of aging, such as wrinkles, facial furrows, and fine lines. They also have off-label uses to treat excessive sweating, chronic migraines, and more. 

Botox and Dysport work beneath the skin’s surface to reduce repetitive muscle activity that causes folds and wrinkles to form. 

We offer Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Nuceiva.

Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Nuceiva cost $10 per unit. The number of units needed depends on the treatment area. 

Results from Botox last for about 3-4 months, and you only need one treatment session to see results. However, because results are not permanent, you may schedule future appointments on this schedule for as long as you wish. 

You will see results within two days following your injections! 

Results can last anywhere from 3-4 months, depending on the treatment area. You will need follow-up treatments as the results are long-lasting but not permanent.

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