Check Out This Lip Flip!


What is a Lip Flip?

Lip flips are accomplished with a few units of Botox injected above the lip. The Botox relaxes the muscle above the lip, which can “flip” the lip up.

How Much Does a Lip Flip Cost?

Because only a few units of Botox are required, they typically cost $60-100.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Lip Flip?

If you already have a decent amount of volume in your lips but would like to alter the shape, your lip curls under/become thinner when you smile, or your upper gums show when you smile, a lip flip is a great choice.

How Long Does a Lip Flip Last?

Lip flips typically last three months.

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Credit to jilliangottlieb on Tiktok for the original video. Follow her on all platforms for more great content.


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