Common questions we receive about Lip Filler

Lips And Perioral Rejuvenation For This Lovely Lady

Lip filler💉💋
We used cannula and needlework for this lip treatment.
Common questions we receive about lip filler:
Will I need another session?
➡️ Maybe, it depends on your treatment goals.
Will my lips stay like me “immediately after” results?
➡️No, there is a lot of swelling immediately following treatment. Once the swelling subsides, your lips will decrease in volume, BUT we do not retreat for approximately five weeks. This allows the tissue to heal and the filler to work its magic.
I want my lips to look a certain way. If I bring in a picture, can you make my lips look the same?
➡️No, or not likely.
Every person is different. Factors such as lip shape, lip size, anatomy, and lip tissue are unique to each patient and ultimately determine what is possible.
Side note: We appreciate when you bring pictures as it helps us understand your needs (more volume on the sides of the lips, more heart-shaped, etc.)
The more you know 🌈


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