Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers
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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers, made from the naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid, help diminish facial lines and restore volume loss and fullness to provide a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

We commonly treat lips (to plump and contour), temples, under eyes, cheeks, jawline, nasolabial folds (lines extending from the sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth) and chin.

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

  • Schedule your treatment at least two weeks before any important events.
  • If you get a blemish in the treatment area, reschedule your appointment until it’s cleared up.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil and Aleve for one week before treatment.

During Your Treatment

  • Arrive at the office with face washed and without makeup
  • A numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area to ensure minimal discomfort
  • Most treatments are performed in under one hour

After Treatment

  • You will see a difference immediately, but fillers take about two weeks to settle.
  • You will experience minor redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the area treated, which will resolve within a week.


Liquid Facelift

Many clients come into our office and want to take years off their faces but are not ready for surgery. If this is you, consider a liquid facelift. At Enhance, we use a combination of dermal fillers and botox to target multiple areas (temples, cheeks, under eyes, lips, chin, neck etc.) to plump the skin rather than make the skin tighter through surgery, resulting in a refreshed, younger looking version of yourself.

Lip Plump

Quite possibly our most popular treatment. Whether you want contouring with a subtle increase in volume or significantly fuller, more voluptuous lips, we have the right treatment for you.


As we age, our temples lose volume and go from convex to concave (sunken in). Filler will restore volume loss in the temples and diminish wrinkles around the eyes, giving you a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)

Smile lines got you down? As we age, smile lines (lines from the tip of the nose to the corner of the mouth) become deeper and more pronounced, making us look aged and tired. This treatment will soften the area giving a more youthful look without looking pillowy or overfilled.

Under Eyes

Do you look tired despite being well-rested? We can help! Our under-eye treatment will help reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles resulting in a refreshed, less tired look. This service is often combined with cheek filler to achieve excellent results.

Lip Lines

Are your lip lines bothering you? These vertical lines appear around the mouth as we age, often referred to as smoker lines or lipstick lines. We use filler to hydrate the lips and reduce the appearance of lip lines. We often combine this treatment with microneedling and botox for excellent results.


Cheek filler can add firmness and plumpness to revitalize the midface and help soften both under the eye (tear troughs) and the nasolabial folds (laugh lines).


Filler is used to augment the chin providing a more youthful appearance by giving shape and definition to the face as well as improving and balancing the profile.


Filler is used to add structure and definition to the jawline. Also, it can help to reduce the appearance of jowls. Typically, the upper and midface are restored before treatment of this area.


Hiding your hands? We have the perfect treatment for you! Filler can be used to refresh and revitalize the top of hands resulting in tighter skin and fewer wrinkles.

Neck Rejuvenation

Want to regain a youthful and smooth neck? Dermal filler adds volume to reduce the appearance of neck lines and creases.


The body naturally absorbs dermal fillers over time. Therefore, patients do require maintenance treatments. Typically a maintenance appointment is needed every 6-12 months depending on your age, the area treated, amount and type of filler used, and lifestyle.
A numbing cream is applied to the skin before the treatment to make you more comfortable. However, most patients describe feeling only mild discomfort.
Very little. Typically, you can return to your daily routine within a day. However, we always advise patients they will have some minor bruising and swelling, so it is best not to schedule a filler appointment right before an important event.
Dermal fillers are considered very safe. The most common reactions we see are redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness. These are generally mild and settle in approximately one week or sooner. Other side effects such as vascular occlusions are very rare.
Too much filler can result in facial features looking pillowy or unnatural. However, when the correct filler is used appropriately and placed in the right location, the result is a natural, more youthful appearance.
Treatment choice depends on your age, treatment goals, and facial anatomy. We recommend booking a free consultation to discuss your areas of concern and treatment options.

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