You definitely want to know who is injecting your face, body and skin! Research and find the most trained and experienced person to do your treatments. Great results are based on multiple factors, including an artistic eye, knowledge of beauty and symmetry, and most importantly medical anatomy. Trust your face to a an experienced injector to ensure flawless, natural results.

I want to help you enhance your own beauty and meet your goals! An initial consultation will allow me to understand what you want, and with my keen aesthetic eye and expertise we will build a customized and individualized plan for you. Often there is a combination of treatments that we can do to provide you a premium enhancement!

This miraculous toxin is not only used for cosmetics! It has been used successfully to treat other medical specialities for such conditions such as cerebral palsy and club foot in children, bladder dysfunction, spasticity, blegharospasm, and other medical conditions.

The importance of having a trained and experienced cosmetic aesthetic professional cannot be overstated! However the reason injectables are so popular is because they do not have the inherent risk or invasiveness that traditional surgery does. 

Possibly! Botox can be effective for some conditions that may be covered by your insurance provider. Conditions such as Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Migraine and tension headaches, Temperomandibular Joint pain (TMJ), and Bruxism (teeth grinding) may be candidate procedures that are covered. It is always worth checking out! 

Masseter Reduction is a jawline slimming procedure that is simple, effective, and extremely popular! Using Botox (Botulin Toxin) injections into the large masseter muscles, the result can be a slimmer and more feminine jawline. This is a common procedure with my Asian and Eastern Euorpean patients!

Cosmetic Aesthetics is a personal choice but as we age, we begin to see changes to our skin as early as in our 30’s. Choices we make about sun exposure, skin care and our genetics all make a difference in how we age. I believe in enhancing your natural beauty, so no one will notice what you did, but everyone will notice you! Let’s connect to discuss how to help your feel your most beautiful self!

Injectables do involve the use of small needles to inject the product at specific areas. Most clients do not describe it as painful, but rather a temporary discomfort. Numbing cream applied before your treatment will help. After treatment you can apply ice packs to the injection site to lessen any discomfort!

The importance of choosing a trained and experienced cosmetic aesthetic practitioner is so important! I believe in natural enhancements. You can trust the results when you choose someone who understands facial anatomy, and is a medical expert with an artistic skillset to ensure you look like yourself – with gentle minimized lines or an improved appearance and texture to your skin.

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