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Unfortunately, sometimes the beauty treatment you were hoping for does not turn out as expected, and you need the option to reverse the treatment. It may not be because you need “perfect” results, but it may simply boil down to your safety. At Enhance Medical Aesthetics, we firmly believe you deserve treatments performed with safety as our highest priority and that leave you with naturally beautiful results. Nicole is dedicated to being an expert provider, both in her craft and in her patient care, and knows the importance of patient safety. Her expertise includes the ability to reverse lip or dermal fillers that have become filler complications.
There are a number of reasons why lip or dermal fillers need to be dissolved.
Using hyaluronidase, an enzyme that naturally exists in the body, the hyaluronic acid filler breaks down and is safely eliminated by the body. This is how filler normally breaks down over time, but this procedure uses a safe but higher concentration.
Nicole has traveled the world to learn from some of the best injectors. It is important to trust only the best providers with proven results with your beauty and care. Knowing that you will leave with the best and most natural results, as well as the peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands, is what sets Enhance Medical Aesthetics apart from the rest. 

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

  • Nicole will perform a thorough assessment of the treated area that needs to be treated for filler complications. 

During Your Treatment

  • Nicole will use hyaluronidase, an enzyme that naturally exists in the body, to break down the hyaluronic acid filler. The body will safely and naturally eliminate it. 

After Treatment

  • You may experience redness, swelling, and general soreness in the areas treated with hyaluronidase. You may also need additional injections of hyaluronidase.
  • Nicole will assess your needs before, during, and after treatment to determine the best course of treatment for you. 


Lip and dermal filler dissolve is a procedure to reverse lip or dermal filler injections due to emergency complications, too much filler injected, or incorrect filler placement. 

You will need this procedure if you have developed complications from filler injections, which can present as swelling, redness, pain, or discomfort not typically associated with filler injections. You may also schedule this procedure if your injections are more than the natural results you wanted and expected. 

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that naturally exists in the body. Nicole will use a safe yet higher concentration of it to dissolve the lip or dermal filler areas that are causing concern. 

Dissolving lip or dermal filler starts at $100. 

Nicole will assess your treatment needs to determine how many procedures you will need. 

You will see a reduction in filler within 24-48 hours following your procedure. You may still experience swelling, and you may need additional procedures. Discussing your concerns with Nicole will give her a better understanding of the best treatment plan for you and safely get you back to your confident self. 

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