Microneedling Facials

Microneedling Facials
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Microneedling Facials

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure offered by Enhance Medical Aesthetics, in which the skin is pricked with tiny, sterile needles. This creates small wounds in your body which cause you to make more collagen and elastin- two substances that heal skin making it look younger! You might also hear this called “collagen induction therapy.”

Microneedling can help with issues such as:

Microneedling treatments are highly popular for achieving a wide range of skin care benefits without having to worry about downtime. It tightens the skin and promotes collagen production, while hydrating serums are applied after your session so that you can seal in moisture and promote healing even further.

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

To get the best results, we recommend that you come to your spa treatment with a clean face and no makeup.

During Your Treatment

This treatment begins by first cleansing and numbing the face before applying a serum that promotes skin repair. Once this is applied, microneedling pen needles are passed back-and-forth over your entire face in order to “needle” the product into place while allowing it to soak in deep for maximum benefits. This leaves you with smoother, healthier looking skin after just one session!

Post Treatment

Be sure to wait at least four hours before washing your face. Your skin may feel warm and tight or red for a few days, but don’t worry- the warmth is just an indication that it’s working! Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications because they could interfere with the healing process of your new collagen production.


Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes tiny needles to prick your skin. The small wounds cause the body’s natural collagen and elastin production, which helps heal damaged skin and makes you look younger!

Microneedling stimulates collagen production by stimulating your skin. During the procedure, pinpricks injure the skin, and the skin responds by producing collagen-rich tissue. As a result, the texture and tone of the new skin tissue are more even. The skin loses collagen as it ages or is injured. In stimulating the skin’s production of new tissue, more collagen may be produced, which may make the skin firmer, as well.

The cost of microneedling varies on the area you want to fix and your skin condition. The average cost ranges from $100-700 per session with commonly treated areas being neck, face chest, hands.

Microneedling can take up to nine months! In that time, you’ll need treatments spaced out every two or six weeks. The number of sessions and the length between them varies by what type your skin concern is and where it’s located.

Healing from microneedling usually takes a mere 24 hours. However, it may take up to two or three days depending on the extent of treatment and how quickly your skin recovers. You can return to work immediately after you’ve been treated with this procedure and wear makeup as soon as 48 hours later!

The first round of treatments will last around four to six weeks – so don’t worry if you need a follow-up treatment, it’s normal. You’ll come in for an appointment eight to 12 weeks after the initial treatment has finished and everything is gone!

With the right maintenance, micro-needling can be long lasting. This treatment is safe enough to repeat every 4 or 6 weeks depending on how you want your skin to look.

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