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Our collagen production levels begin to take a drastic dip as we age, leaving behind lines and wrinkles due to skin laxity that makes us look older than we are. Rejuvenate the skin with Radiesse, a dermal filler that can rejuvenate the skin and boost your collagen production to smooth out those wrinkles and get back to tight, radiant skin! This FDA-approved injectable improves volume loss over time as collagen growth is encouraged and hollowed contours and creases are refreshed and revived, tightening the skin in the treated areas. Radiesse results last longer than your typical dermal filler injectable to rebuild the skin’s foundation. 

Treatment Areas:

Radiesse rebuilds the skin’s foundation below the surface and provides a natural definition to the treated areas. It is most commonly used in the mid and lower face but can also be used on the hands, one of the first places to show signs of aging. 

What To Expect…

Before Your Treatment

  • Nicole will assess your needs and concerns to determine if Radiesse is the right treatment for you! She will also discuss your medical history during your consultation. 

During Your Treatment

  • Nicole will inject Radiesse strategically into your areas of concern after applying a numbing cream to make sure you are comfortable during treatment. 

Post Treatment

  • You may have redness, swelling, or bruising following your Radiesse treatment.
  • Avoid exercise to keep bruising to a minimum. Nicole will provide post-treatment instructions to follow to ensure proper healing! 


Used to plump and add volume to folds and lines on the face and hands, Radiesse is an injectable filler that we use at Enhance Medical Aesthetics that adds volume and stimulates collagen production in the treated areas. 

Radiesse works by creating volume in the areas affected by signs of aging. Where fine lines and wrinkles are formed, you may also see sagging skin. Radiesse works to plump the wrinkles and lines while adding volume to revive the skin’s youth and refresh the face and hands.

Because Radiesse improves the skin over time, one treatment may be all as results can last up to one year. Nicole can assess your progress and determine if you need any follow-up treatments. 

Results vary from Radiesse treatments, but they can last up to 12 months or longer. They are long-lasting results but not permanent. The solution eventually breaks down and is naturally absorbed by the body. Results with Radiesse last longer than other injectable filler options. 

Tenderness, redness, or swelling may occur following injectable treatment. These symptoms will typically resolve on their own.  

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