Refer a friend

Refer a Friend

Happy With Your Service? Enhance allows you to get rewarded for referring friends.
The process is simple. Provide your friends our Enhance Referral Card. When they spend $300, you both receive a $50 credit in your Enhance Wallet. Some conditions apply.
refer a friend

Terms and Conditions:

Your Enhance Medical Aesthetics Wallet is eligible for a $50 credit for every friend you refer to Enhance. The referred patient must be new to us and purchase a service of $300 or more.
1. Both parties (you and your friend) must have a paying service to apply the credits to your accounts.
2. You must provide your friends with an Enhance Referral Card to be eligible. Referral cards are available to current patients upon request. 
3. Your Friends must receive a service from Enhance that costs $300 or more before the credit is assigned.
4. You, the referrer, will receive a $50 credit for each new customer you have referred that has paid for service over $300
5. Referral program credits do not apply to any accounts you may have referred before the program’s launch.
6. Enhance cannot assign referral credits to any current customers.
7. Enhance will grant only one referrer credit for each new referral. If multiple referrers claim the same referral, Enhance will have sole discretion to identify the referrer for such a referral.
8. Referral accounts cancelled by Enhance for any reason will not be included eligible for the program.
9. Enhance credits are non-transferable or redeemable for cash.
10. Enhance reserves the right to cancel the account of any referring customer and/or referred customer.
11. Credits may be stacked and redeemed to pay for up to 50% of any of our services/treatments. 
12. Credits can not be combined with any other promotions or sales


Ask us for a card during your next appointment, or pick them up from our office at 871 Waverley St during business hours.

You can take as many cards as you need. 
You can stack multiple cards to pay for up to 50% of your service/treatment. 


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