Skin Tightening: All Things You Should Know Before Going for It

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Having tighter skin is a sign that you are taking care of your skin correctly. It is also a sign of youth since skin loses its elasticity and tightness when getting old. Thus, many people have made it a habit to practice their daily and nightly skincare routines at a young age to ensure that they will reap what they sow when they grow old.

However, not everyone had the time and opportunity to take care of their skin. Back then, as long as you had a clean face, you were done with your skincare routine. For most people, skincare routines are for rich people and celebrities, who are also rich. Nowadays, thanks to the changing dynamics of society, everyone has access to good skincare products and treatments as long as they are willing to do it.

Even though taking care of your skin early on is vital, many people still want to have tighter skin to make them look more youthful. Thus, many skin care clinics and aesthetic centers offer various cosmetic services and treatments to make their skin look tighter and rejuvenated.

Each of these treatments offers faster results, but some people are still hesitant about it. This article will talk about the different skin tightening treatments cosmetic clinics and aesthetic centers usually provide to their clients.

We will talk about these treatments, their benefits, and their possible risks and side effects. By reading this article, we hope that you will get guidance as to which skin tightening treatment is the right one for you.

Why Do We Need Skin Tightening

Before we talk about those treatments, we need to find out why there is a need for skin tightening in the first place.

As you grow old, you lose collagen and elastin, essential proteins to ensure your skin tightness and elasticity. The moment we were born, we were already rich with these proteins, so that’s why our skins were much better back when we were kids.

As we grow older, our body functions and systems start to slow down, including producing these proteins in our bodies. When this happens, our skin starts to get saggy and loose, signifying the loss of elasticity brought by elastin and collagen.

Add to that the stress, exposure to air pollution, gravity, and movements to your facial muscles when you talk, smile, frown, and sleep. You will have much more loose skin than ever before. Other factors include weight loss and pregnancy, which can also cause stretch marks.

Different Skin Tightening Treatments Available

Thankfully, we have many different skin tightening treatments that people can have whenever they need them. However, if you want longer-lasting results, you must remember that consistency is critical. You will never get longer-lasting results with just a single session. You can always talk to your aesthetician or dermatologist about the treatment plan for your case.

Radiofrequency Treatment

This treatment is the collective term for treatments such as Thermalift, Thermage, and Exilis, which use a radiofrequency device to address skin tightening issues.

First, Thermalift was the pioneer in radiofrequency technology used in addressing this concern. This was the first type of technology that used the concept of restoring lost collagen by “waking” them up. This treatment is done by using a device that has controlled radio waves applied to different areas of your skin needing tightening, such as your face and jaw areas. This is a non-invasive treatment, and there is no recovery time with this one.

On the other hand, Thermage works the same way as Thermalift. Still, many people have remarked that they saw significant improvement after multiple sessions. These sessions often take four months to see the full effect. These methods are recommended for the face.


Radiofrequency waves are also used in Velashape. The only difference is that aside from skin tightening, it also claims to have fat-dissolving properties with just the usage of this device, also called Velashape.

With Velashape, the doctor uses a handheld device that sends infrared waves into the layers of your skin to break apart the fat deposits. This also triggers collagen production, which is an essential ingredient in skin tightening and overall skin rejuvenation.

This procedure does not require any anesthesia to be administered, and you must have several Velashape treatments before you can actually see visible results. Velashape is recommended to be used on the abdomen area.

Other Skin Tightening Methods

Aside from those mentioned above, other skin tightening methods also use different types of technology. These include laser skin tightening treatments, injectables such as dermal fillers and Botox, and surgical procedures. Feel free to ask your dermatologist as to what skin tightening method works best for you.

Do These Procedures Work?

With several of these non-invasive skin tightening treatments claiming they work in several circumstances, it is hard to believe it, primarily if no research is found to solidify these


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