Skin Hydration: Top 7 Simple Steps to Keep Skin Hydrated

Skin hydration

Skin hydration is the key for those who do not know how you get rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin. And no, it does not mean wetting your face with water and calling it skin hydration, though it is a part of the process. Having hydrated skin is very important because this is where all the magic in your skin begins.

It is essential to have hydrated skin because if you have it, your skin would look moisturized, nourished, and much more radiant than ever. Skin hydration is the key to having a more youthful glow within you, making you years younger than your actual age. Coupled with proper skin care routines and the use of the right skincare products, it will surely go a long way.

Now, you might wonder if you need to spend thousands of dollars just to get that youthful-looking skin that celebrities and models are currently enjoying. The good news is: no, you are not required to go under just to keep your skin looking more hydrated than ever. You will be surprised that some of the steps to get hydrated skin are the ones you usually do or are familiar with.

Without further ado, here are the top seven simple steps to keep your skin hydrated.

Benefits of Hydrated Skin

Skin hydration has many benefits; that’s why many people are searching endlessly for methods and products that can help them hydrate their skin without any other issues. Here are some of the fantastic benefits of skin hydration.

More Supple and Plump Skin

Suppose you have enough water in your epidermis (the topmost layer of the skin). In that case, you will not suffer from dehydrated skin. When you have dry skin, it is not exactly something you can be proud of. Hydration is vital as you age because the skin starts losing its natural elasticity, resulting in loose and sagging skin. Having hydrated skin makes you have supple and plump skin that looks rich in hydration and, thus, looks more youthful than ever.

Lesser Oil on the Skin

Your skin becomes oilier due to trying to hydrate itself since you would not do it for them. The skin sends signals to the glands, asking them to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness of the skin. This is not an incredible sight, either, and skin hydration prevents this from happening, as it quenches the skin’s thirst for more hydration, and therefore results in less oily skin.

Less Skin Irritation

One thing that dehydrated skin also brings to the table is increased irritation, itching, and general discomfort. This situation happens if you use a harsh body cleanser and not do anything else after. Those who are also suffering from psoriasis or eczema can also become very frustrated upon seeing irritated skin. Skin hydration prevents these from happening and thus provides much-needed relief from these sensitive skin conditions.

The Top Seven Steps to Keep Skin Hydrated

Now that you know the benefits of having hydrated skin, here are the seven steps you should take to achieve optimal hydration results.

Drink Lots of Water

It goes without saying that when your skin is dehydrated, it is very thirsty because it lacks hydration. Thus, the best thing you can do is to drink lots of water. This is the first step to hydrating your skin. The doctors recommend those eight glasses of water for a good reason. You should drink more if you are more active and outgoing as the water comes out of your body through sweat and urine. Replenish and rehydrate at all times.

Stay Away From Hot and Long Showers

Bathing for long hours can surely make you much cleaner, but it can surely do more harm to your skin than good. It can eradicate the skin’s natural barriers, stripping it of protection against harsh elements. It’s like taking your clothes off and coming out of your house in the middle of a snowstorm.

When this happens, your skin loses its moisture and the needed oils, which in turn dehydrates your skin. If you cannot resist taking a bath with warm water, use lukewarm water in doing so. It provides you the warmth you need without stripping your skin of the oils it has.

Humidifiers Are Your Friends

This step is significant, especially that most of us are now spending a lot of time working from home, with some turning their AC on all day while working. Colder temperatures tend to be a little bit dryer, so having a humidifier can help in increasing the moisture content in the air. Not only that, but it also gives your skin a bit of moisture, giving it more hydration and not to mention the different aromatic scents of the essential oils used in humidifiers can be relaxing and soothing too.

Eat Foods With a Lot of Water

Snacking on some fruits and vegetables every day can help you with your journey to skin hydration. Not only are they hydrating, but they also have nutrients that are extremely helpful in making your skin look more hydrated than ever before. Eating oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits give your skin more vitamin C, which aids in skin brightening and rejuvenation. Foods that are rich in vitamins A and B3 are also beneficial to your skin health.

Load Up on Sunscreens

Even though it is not sunny outside, wearing sunscreens is a must for skin hydration. Especially, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen so that you can be protected against the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Exposing yourself to the sun for long hours dehydrates your skin, losing its moisture and causes collagen and elastin found on your skin to break down. These two elements are essential in keeping your skin solid and hydrated, which in turn causes premature skin aging.

Spoil Yourself on Face Masks or Sheets

These are not just fads, but they actually work. Using face masks packed with hydrating ingredients can really help your skin become more hydrated than ever. Some face masks have hyaluronic acid, which makes your skin look more supple, plump, and overall hydrated. Face masks can also reduce the appearance of unsightly blemishes, such as fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.

Use the Proper Skincare Products

Many skincare products are littering the shelves of Ulta, Sephora, and even Target and Walmart. However, knowing which products work the best for your skin hydration needs is a must.

If you have dehydrated skin, using water-based creams is highly recommended. Your skincare products should penetrate through the skin and deliver water to where it is needed the most.

Look for products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea, ceramides, and panthenol. These products boost and promote skin hydration, giving you much more rejuvenated and rehydrated skin than ever before. Not only that, but these ingredients also have properties that combat premature skin aging, irritation, redness, and many other skin conditions.

Our Takeaway

Keeping your skin hydrated is very important if you want to look younger and more rejuvenated than ever. Skin hydration boosts water into your skin, which causes you to have more radiant and glowing skin than ever before. Following these steps in keeping your skin hydrated can actually give you more positive results, and you will never regret it.

Of course, we also acknowledge that following these steps is not enough to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Enhance Medical Aesthetics understands the need of many people to look more youthful and radiant than ever before.
That’s why they offer skin hydration, along with many other services and treatments aimed at perfecting the already gorgeous face and skin that you have. Consider their wide range of services offered as boosters to make you look more of a superstar than the others. Book a treatment now to see what we are talking about.


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