Vampire Facial: What Does it Mean? Is it Safe?

Vampire Facial What Does it Mean Is it Safe | Enhance Medical Aesthetics Vampire facials were once a fad made popular by Kim Kardashian, but now, many people are swearing by the amazing effects they have experienced while receiving these. Even though they sound bloody, it is totally painless and minimally non-invasive, and there are very rare cases of allergic reactions since they’re using your blood for this treatment. While it continues to sweep praises from customers and medical experts, not many people are familiar with how it works for their skin. Some are also worried about the complications, while others are concerned about the sanitary aspect of this procedure since it uses your bodily fluids directly to your skin. These questions are surely getting answers in this article, as we aim to answer everything you have in mind about vampire facial.

What are Vampire Facials?

Vampire facials, moderately known as Vampire Mesotherapy, is a treatment that uses your blood, just like how vampires use it for sustenance. The only difference is that instead of the part where they suck the life out of their victims, this has no pain at all and applies far better benefits to the skin than any cosmetic surgery would ever be able to do.

How does Vampire Facial Work?

Vampire facials use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) technology to separate platelets from whole blood so you won’t feel anything during the process. Once separated, these platelets hold several growth factors which are helpful to the skin in a wide range of ways – one of which is increased collagen production under your skin. Since people have different skin types, the Vampire Facelift works differently. Once injected into your face, the platelets get absorbed into your skin to stimulate collagen growth. This takes approximately 45 minutes or less, depending on which area you’re getting this treatment done on, and there’s no downtime at all.

How does Vampire Facial Benefit my Skin?

Vampire facials rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production, while PRP helps in slowing down aging for a more youthful appearance. Anyone can use it to treat fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead lines, and even acne scars.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are rare cases of people experiencing allergic reactions to their blood when they do Vampire facials, but otherwise, there are no side effects. It is safe for people with heart conditions since nothing invasive happens during the process, and people with diabetes can also use it because they’re using their blood anyway. There’s no downtime involved either, so this is perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time to take off from work or school to get a facial treatment done. There are cases where you might feel light bruising on your face, which will not last long once the platelets are absorbed into your skin. However, what should be remembered is that these are very rare cases, plus it does not happen for everyone either.

Who Can Do Vampire Facials?

As mentioned earlier, this treatment was first made popular by Kim Kardashian as her secret to her flawless face, and now more and more people are learning about the wonders of Vampire Facials. Since it uses your blood, this procedure can be done for anyone. It does not use any harsh chemicals that can harm your skin, and it is perfect for those who only want the best of their facial treatments.

How Much Does a Vampire Facial Cost?

The usual price of getting a vampire facial will depend on where you’re having it done – either in one of those clinics or at-home using PRPC kits. The average price range is between $500-$1,000+, which includes extracting blood from your body and injecting PRP into your skin. While it may sound expensive, you have to remember that this will be one of the best investments you can ever make in your life – not just for your face but for yourself as well. You might not fully believe it yet, but once you get a glimpse at how great this facial is, then you’ll notice it’s worth every single penny spent. You can ask Enhance Medical Aesthetic for more information about their pricing.

What Sets it Apart From Other Facials?

Vampire facials might be effective, yes, but what makes it special from the rest of the other facial treatments available on the market? The answer is very simple – the platelets extracted from your blood. This holds high concentrations of growth factors which can stimulate collagen production, making your skin more firm and youthful-looking.

Okay, But What’s With The Vampire part?

Georgia Louise first invented vampire Facials to rejuvenate aging skin by stimulating collagen production through blood extracts (a fancy way of extracting your blood). Since Kim Kardashian made this famous, it got some bad publicity for being “vampire” facials because of how it sounds. However, people who do these facial treatments will say that there is no pain on their part, unlike in vampire movies where they need to suck on their victim’s necks so they can drink their blood.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Vampire Facials?

When getting a vampire facial done, always remember to ask for your practitioner’s credentials because only licensed therapists are safe to let near your face with needles. You should never share this among different people just not to get contaminated. That’s why choosing who will inject you with PRP should be carefully decided upon. As long as you have all these things checked off your list before booking an appointment, then go for it! It might be frightening at first, but once you’ve looked past the needle thing and start seeing great results on your skin afterward, you’ll love vampire facials.

Final Thoughts

Vampire facials are here to stay, and it has a lot of amazing benefits in store for people who want to include them as a part of their skincare routine and maintenance. Remember that this is not done only by celebrities – anyone can have them, but you need to make sure that your practitioner is licensed to do these procedures. As mentioned earlier, the price might be high for some people, but if you weigh in the big picture, you’ll realize how cost-efficient they are compared to other facial treatments available on the market. As with any treatment, always consult your doctor first before deciding on whether to have a vampire facial or not.

Again, only get vampire facials from the best, and Enhance Medical Aesthetics can provide you that without having to worry about safety. Their team of experts is skilled and highly experienced and trained to offer vampire facials, among their other services, to their customers.


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