Why We Recommended Multiple Treatment Sessions

Why We Recommended Multiple Treatment Sessions
Are you nervous about aesthetic treatments due to a bad experience in the past?
Why I recommend multiple treatment sessions instead of a “one and done approach”.
Injecting dermal fillers isn’t as easy as it looks. In addition to good technique and knowledge of facial anatomy, an injector must be knowledgeable about the various properties of each type of filler. For example, some fillers draw in more moisture from your body than other fillers. This hydration process does not happen immediately, it can take 3 to 4 weeks. This is why multiple sessions may be needed and are encouraged.
➡️For example, if we are doing cheeks and you get 100% correction immediately following treatment (or so it appears), there is a chance that when the filler draws in moisture, your cheeks will not look the same and can end up looking puffy and overfilled.
➡️This is also true for lips. Everyone’s lips are different.  We see patients with different shapes, sizes and lip tissue (loose, tight, etc). So if you have tight lip tissue along with small lips and filler is forced into that space, it’s going to migrate into an adjacent area, resulting in a poor outcome and an unhappy patient.
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