Why You Should Choose Sylfirm X


Thank you Lori Robertson @injectionexpert on Instagram for this educational post. Follow her on Instagram for more great educational content.

🤷🏼‍♀️Why did I choose Sylfirm X?

😎I have had several RF Microneedling devices in the last 10 years so here is my opinion ….

🤩The @sylfirmx.usa is provided the most skin tightening with the least amount of downtime out of all of the other devices!

😜All of our staff is fighting over treatments with this device!

🤓The heated needles provide dermal remodeling with the production of both elastin and collagen over time.

🎉This provides dermal thickening, softening of fine lines, and reduction of pores.

😍We love it!!!”

We couldn’t agree more. It’s our favorite new device.

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